2020.01.06 Products

DLP5681 Selvage -L∞PLUS variations-

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                Recycled cotton from cutting wastage from indigo denim garment.
                 It is real sustainable denim fabric!!
                  The detail of L∞PLUS, pls see below page.

                 Here is variations of L∞PLUS running items.
                 These fabrics have 6% of recycled cotton and indigo dyed.
                 Base fabric constructions are our best selling items ever.
                 These appearance and performance is almost same as original, but they have sustainable back ground!!!

    Fabric number : DLP 5681

                 <About original fabric KDA5681>
                     Medium weight stretch selvage
                     KDA5681 is a comfort stretch selvage denim made with traditional classic yarn character and natural unevenness..,
                     but with the added benefit of a subtle stretch for comfort.
                     KDA5681 can be used in a wide range of wash applications and is a great product for both men’s and women’s jeans.
                     Now DLP5681 is upgraded version which is added real sustainable value into KDA5681.
                <Fabric information>
                       7.2 x CSY10 ,  12.0oz   29"  3/1RHT,   White selvage.
                       99% cotton (6% recycled cotton is including), 1% Pu.
                       Finish ; Regular
                    Warp yarn has10% of recycled cotton from denim cutting wastage.

                     Made in Japan.

                  <Fabric Photo>

                         Color is adjusted as closed as actual human eye.   But not exactlly same due to color balance condition of digital photograph.

                                         Unwashed                                                      Rinse washed                           Enzyme washed with dry process.

                   <Garment Photo> 

                             garment style ; Women's High-west wide streaight.
                               washing        ;Rinse washed